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Use the Property search in the top left of the screen to select the Address of the Project Location. This will Provide the city with Property and Owner Information. If you cannot find the property please call the City of Washington.

Residential Building Permit Application

1. If total project cost is more than $30,000.00 then you must have a NC General Contractors License to perform work unless it is your primary residence.
3.A City of Washington Building Inspector will not enter into an occupied residence without someone present over the age of 18 or the General Contractor or his representative meeting on site.
4. It is the PERMIT HOLDER'S responsibility to keep up with approved or denied inspections, re-inspection fees and schedule all inspections appropriately. All inspections called in after 8:00 AM will be scheduled for the next working day.

Applicant Information

Project Information

**Cost is based on the current market value of the completed construction exclusive of land value, but inclusive of all normal components such as electrical, mechanical, plumbing, and gas.**

Contractor / Lien Agent Information

Authority To File Application

I hereby agree to conform to all applicable laws and regulations of the City of Washington, Beaufort County, and The State of North Carolina and certify the above information, accompanying document and owner's acknowledgement are complete, true and accurate to the best of your knowledge. In addition, I acknowledge that by filling out this application representatives from the City of Washington Inspections Department may enter upon subject property for the purpose of Inspections, analysis and investigation of this request.

Please upload ALL additional documents PRIOR to submitting the Application. If all documents are not received, the application will not be Approved.

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